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Film & Video Production Company

Clarative Media

We create personalised, visual branding assets like Videos and Photos for your website and social media platforms to attract your ideal client.


We are a Wellington-based creative film and video production company that has been working with small, medium and large businesses all across New Zealand.

With our background in film, advertising and documentary making, we set up Clarative Media in 2020 to provide the same cinematic style for high quality video marketing.

We have been providing modern, professional, out-of-the-box videos and marketing assets since then.


Having top-of-the-line cinema cameras, fully licensed drone operators, and an award-winning crew, we aim to help businesses stand out with stunning, moving imagery.


Combined with our branding partners and additional crew where needed, we can match any scope of a project from a small business promotional video to television commercials and feature films.  

We like to work closely with every client to create photo and video assets

that suit their brand and vision. 


Clearly Creative.. Clarative Media

What we do