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Hi it's Matt

I am the Creative Director,

Editor and Cinematographer here at Clarative Media

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A bit about Matt

Matt Sharp, born in the UK and brought up here in Aotearoa is an award-winning cinematographer with 18+ years of experience in shooting 5 feature films, over 45 short films, dozens of micro-documentaries, music - and promotional videos. He worked on Films like King Kong, Avatar and recently shot our Feature Film 1978 which is due for a release in Cinema 2023.

He has an extensive background in on-set lighting and 17+ years experience in editing.

Matt helped build Clarative Media right from the get-go. With his cinematic approach to videography he has set the bar high. Matt believes that you can always learn something new when it comes to film making. Technology is ever evolving and coming up with new ways to film and tell a story, that is original, is always a welcome challenge.

What does other people say about Matt:


"He is the most loveable and down-to-earth cinematographer I have ever met."

"He is a great teacher, very patient and a great soul to have around."

"Matt knows his Sh** and he is a 100% kind of Guy"

"Matt is an incredible creative, he made me think about the tone, colours and themes for my project"

"Nothing is impossible for this Man"

"A must-have on my projects"

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