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Hi it's Jess

I am the Producer and General Manager 

here at Clarative Media

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A bit about Jess 

Jess Denise, is born and brought up in Germany.

7 years ago she moved from Perth, WA to Aotearoa. Her background is in Documentary making, television commercials, short films and Feature Film. Jess has been working in the film industry for 10 years in Australia and New Zealand. She has just finished Co-Producing an international TV show and she will be releasing Clarative Media's first feature film in cinemas 2023.

Besides working in Production Jess is an award-nominated editor, hence she knows how to build a story from Pre-production all the way to Post-production. She became the lead Producer and General Manager for Clarative Media end of 2021. Jess and Matt have been working together for many years before Jess joint the Clarative Whãnau. Jess wants to see everyone succeeding in life, she says the more work we can produce the more there is to share around. Keep on collaborating and evolving within your community and everyone will be able to thrive as a creative in this industry. 

What does other people say about Jess:


"Jess knows how to captivate an audience, her presentation skills are incredible."

"She is a very good listener and gave the right ideas to grow my brand"

"She makes video and promotional marketing simple and easy for me to understand"

"Jess can be your one-woman-band if you want, don't underestimate her shooting skills"

"Jess doesn't sound German I am sure she is a spy haha"

"Her age does not match her knowledge, I was very impressed with her work"


Keen to know more?

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